Search And Rescue Companions

The following stories are companions pieces to the Search And Rescue series and will only be available on this site or my list. All companion stories on this page will be set at different times in the Search and Rescue 'verse.

Please refer to the notes at the beginning of each story to find out exactly where each takes place to avoid any confusion. These stories are not stand alone, they will not make any sense unless you're familiar with the first story in the series, Lost Warrior.

Disclaimer: None of the characters of the Stargate SG-1, Buffy or Angel belong to me. I mean no copywrite infringement, I am doing this for entertainment purposes only and am receiving no income as a result.

Brave New World

After a tragedy, Willow embraces a new world.

Takes place when Willow begins at the USAF Academy.

Completed 6 October 2003.


Willow finds out the meaning of team.

Takes place between Lost Warrior and Instinct. A Christmas gift for my readers on my list and this site. Happy Holidays

Completed: 22 December 2004

Search And Rescue SR-1: Green Day

Summary: It's not easy being green.

WIP. Part Two Updated 8 January 2006

Not Today

A TTH100 contribution set in the S&R 'verse. Future Ficlet

Completed: 5 November, 2006

Innocence Lost

Takes place between Instinct and Heroics and focuses on an aspect of Willow's job she'd rather not have to deal with.

Completed:21 December 2005

Honourable Intentions

A TTH100 contribution set in the S&R 'verse. Future Ficlet

Completed: 16 February, 2006

Fang Gang

Four drabbles from the Fang Gang POV

Completed: 2 April, 2006


A ficlet that shows us a glimpse of Willow's training

Completed: 2 April, 2006

Following Order

A ficlet based around Willow and Grogan's friendship

Completed: 2 April, 2006


A companion to Innocence Lost

Completed: 4 November, 2006


A piece of fluff that has no redeeming features.

Completed: 15 April 2007.


A companion to Green Day, Lost Warrior, Instinct, Innocence Lost and Survival.

Completed: 6 May 2007.

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