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She wasn't THE Slayer.

She was Faith, the Vampire Slayer, but she wasn't the Slayer everyone wanted. They never said anything, but Faith could tell that Giles, Cordy, and Angel wished that B had survived graduation and not her.

Which was cool with her. She understood. After all, they were B's friends. Even when B was alive, Faith wasn't close to them. Why would that change now?

It was only a matter of time before they upped and left, told her she was on her own, and she was cool with that. She could handle it…

She was a Slayer.

~ * ~ * ~


"It's perfect."

Giles is looking at her like she's nuts, but she doesn't care. This place, the Hyperion Hotel, is the perfect place to call home.

Oh, it's a dump. The place doesn't look like it's been cleaned in about twenty years, but who cares? The hotel could have massive holes in the roof and be infested with demons and it wouldn't matter.

All she cares about is what the hotel represents, what it means.

If they rent this hotel, it means that they weren't going to leave her. It means that they were going to stay together.

~ * ~ * ~


"It's plausible," Giles conceded. "We do have to make money some way and your Angel Investigations idea does seem the most logical course."

Angel nodded, glad Giles was seeing his point.

Things were still so strained between them. Even after six months of living together, Angel still felt the tension. They would never be friends, not that Angel would like them to be. What he had done to Rupert could never be forgiven.

They wouldn't be friends, but they would be colleagues, partners – for the sake of Cordelia and Faith.

The girls needed stability, and they were all they had.

~ * ~ * ~


He felt, that by doing this, he was betraying Buffy in some way.

Oh, he was sure she would understand, but there was a part of him that couldn't seem to let go. He still thought of himself as Buffy's watcher, after all this time. The pain of losing Buffy hadn't diminished since her death, how could he be expected to go through this again?

He didn't want to, except there was no one else Faith would trust to be her watcher, there was no one else Giles trusted.

Reluctantly, he stood up. "Faith, are you ready for your training?"


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