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Spoilers: Buffy; set after Graduation (S3) then ventures AU. Stargate; up to the end of Last Stand, minor spoilers for Redemption. Major Kawalsky never died at the beginning of season one.

Rated R.

Dedication: Thanks to my betas, Leslie, Marleen, Jo-Anne Storm, and Zephrrys.

Disclaimer: None of the characters of the Stargate SG-1, Buffy or Angel belong to me. I mean no copywrite infringement, I am doing this for entertainment purposes only and am receiving no income as a result.

Search And Rescue Series

This page is for the main fics in the series, the ones that started it all: Lost Warrior, Instinct, Heroics

Companion Fics

Companion fics/drabbles/ficlets written for the series (in order of completion). Includes Green Day

Search And Rescue Master List

This is a list of all fics in the Search and Rescue 'verse (both companions & series itself) listed in order they happen (and ultimately should be read)

Search And Rescue Awards

COA Award - Best  Angst Crossover- S&R Lost WarriorCOA - Best Television Crossover - S&R Instinct