Search And Rescue Master List

This is the Master List for all things Search And Rescue. It will feature every fic written in the series, as well as companion fics/drabbles/ficlets, in the correct order they should be read.

The main series will be featured in Italics, all companions will be featured in standard font. *Denotes works in progress

Disclaimer: None of the characters of the Stargate SG-1, Buffy or Angel belong to me. I mean no copywrite infringement, I am doing this for entertainment purposes only and am receiving no income as a result.

Five People Lieutenant Rosenberg Didn't See

A series of five ficlets set at various times in the series from Graduation to Heroics (See Timeline/Authors Notes).

Brave New World

Willow's first day at the USAF Academy

Fang Gang

A series of four drabbles from the Fang Gang POV. Set not long after Willow joins the USAF


A glimpse into Willow's Air Force training

Lost Warrior

The first in the original series

Green Day*

Willow's first day at the SGC


SR-1 fic


Second fic in the orignal series

Innocence Lost

A look into the darker side of working for the Air Force


A companion to Innocence Lost.


A companion to Green Day, Instinct, Innocence Lost and Survival.

Following Orders

A glimpse into Willow and Grogan's friendship


Willow learns what humiliation really is.


Third in the original series

Honourable Intentions

Future fic, set after where I intend to end the series

Not Today

Future fic, set far into the future

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